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Infoa 2018 Suomen seminaarista kerrotaan myöhemmin. Linkki hankkeen omille sivuille, mistä löytyy kaikki hankkeen aikana toteutuvat seminaarit ja ensi-illat!

Seuraava open workshop Bulgarian Sofiassa 8.-9.3.2018. Tietoa ja ohjeet ilmoittautumiseen alla.

Innovative Bilingual Theatre with Sign Language
Dear actor, actress,
arts director, arts manager
Recently, our team from did a small survey looking for artists and arts organisations in Europe who use sign language. We received around 90 responses, amongst which one from or about you or your organisation. is a Creative Europe project, funded by the European Commission, to promote ‘inclusive bilingual theatre’ as a format to bring together deaf and hearing actors, and deaf and hearing audiences. In the next few months, theatre companies from 5 countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Portugal, U.K. and Belgium) will premiere the play “Kukunor”, by Eero Enqvist, in their own spoken and sign languages. This theatre format, where hearing and deaf actors play together on an equal basis in duo-roles, can become a powerful instrument to reach more deaf audiences but also to create mixed audiences of hearing and deaf spectators.
To give you the chance to learn more about this IBT-inclusive bilingual theatre method, we are organising an open workshop in Sofia, Bulgaria, on March 8th and 9th.
Please have a look at the program below. 
As young international partnership, we would like to build up international networking between members of the deaf arts community. This workshop will therefore also be about exploring the needs and dreams of deaf actors and theatre companies in the context of international networking.
We have a small fund to organise the workshop (venue, lunch and coffee-breaks). Participation is thus free of charge. Your own costs will be travel and accommodation. The Signandsoundtheatre team will be staying in the hotel ‘Hemus’:
We will meet in this hotel on the first evening (March 8th) to register and introduce ourselves. The next day (March 9th), the workshop will be held in theatre “Tishina” (Silence), on 13 Yordan Yovkov Street, Sofia.
We will also meet with Tsvete theatre from Sofia. They are in the middle of rehearsals for the play ‘Kukunor’ in Bulgarian sign and spoken language.
To register for the workshop, please fill in the registration form. The top picture shows the whole ABBA-team:
We’re looking forward to meet you in Sofia.
Kind regards,
Ivo Peeters